It’s been a strange few months for everyone. Covid-19 has changed everyone’s lives. Luckily the team here have been safe and healthy and getting by. 2020 was looking to be one of our busiest years with lots of events booked well in advance as clients wanted to secure our services. Unfortunately we started to have events cancelled from mid-February and we are only really starting to pick up a few bits and pieces. Rightly so, everyone is being very cautious and working within the (ever changing) government guidelines. We are ready to respond as soon as things open up again. The crew are all ‘grown ups’ and understand the need for safety in these difficult times. Fingers crossed that numbers will go down and the opening up of safe outdoor events will not negatively  impact on those numbers. 1st October is being looked at as the possible opening date for conferences, let’s hope that confidence has built by then. Some of our clients are really struggling to survive and we wish them all the best. Any losses will be bad for the industry. Looking forward to things getting better….