Been a while since last posting. Still strange and uncertain times but things seem to be moving in the right direction.

Since September we’ve kept (reasonably) busy doing lots of work with a long term set building client. Apart from helping out with sensible labour for a couple of builders we’ve also had more event based jobs.

We helped with the crewing of a BBC show filmed locally. This was the first job where the crew had to be tested and bubble in a hotel for the duration of the project. All was good and everyone kept safe and well. We did our first job at The Metropole in over a year, helping put the wardrobe department in for a film being shot in Brighton and other nearby locations.

Our first outdoor event was at Southampton for a boat show related site, again all went very well. The last few weeks have seen us busy with Brighton festival related jobs at a couple of venues. Still lots of ‘to be confirmed’ in the diary but at least we have quite a lot of definite booking in.

Here’s looking to a safe lifting of restrictions and the future of the events industry.