Since last posting (almost a year ago) I think everyone in events will agree it’s been challenging! We’ve worked on so many events, good and not so good, with crew travelling all over the place.

The problem everyone has faced is that so many people were forced to leave the industry during the various lockdowns and we’ve all struggled to pull the right people back in.

I had so many calls last year for clients desperate for crew at last minute because they had been let down or had left it too late to book. I helped where I could with my own crew and tried to send them in the right direction for solutions.

When the December ‘advice’ came in, all our corporate events were cancelled (understandably) and I had an awful feeling that we would be going back into some kind of lockdown again. I must admit I had a ‘moment’ and I really questioned whether I had the energy to continue or not. I got over it!

So we continue, with bookings in the diary into October. We’ve recently worked on some TV productions, large conferences and Brighton marathon. Slowly trying out some new crew to find the right people to build up the team again, we’re getting there…