Time flies! We have had an incredibly busy couple of years, maintaining long-standing relationships with existing clients and creating new ones. We continue to work on a diverse range of events, mainly corporate but also moving into other areas. We are doing more festival / site work now, most of these clients have come to us having met us, in a roundabout sort of way, through our corporate work. It seems that they really do appreciate having the same faces at their jobs and the technical know-how and willingness to help that the crew bring. We’ve taken on a few new¬†crew, it always takes a bit of time to get the right people in but it’s worth being picky! I’m really lucky to have such a good team around me, who like working for SEC and represent themselves and SEC so well. New clients don’t often realise that the person unloading a truck or pushing a flight case could be a production manager, sound or lighting tech, rigger or stage manager in their other lives!