I’ve been very busy, that’s my excuse for the year since my last post! Last year seemed relentless with the amount of bookings in and still trying to find the right people to join our team.
We picked up more TV production jobs, did more outdoor festival work and the usual large and smaller conferences. I think everyone in events would agree that it’s still a challenge to pull all the right people together to get the jobs done.

After the summer, September saw us back into conference season. The death of the Queen saw most event work cancelled throughout the mourning period. We were working on a large conference when all work stopped and we just had to de rig and load out. A few of those events were booked in again which again presented challenges for everyone involved in trying to shoe horn them in amongst existing bookings. We did our best! We were pretty much flat out till the middle of December then things quietened down. Did a little bit for the local panto and had time for a night out with some of the crew. It was really nice to be able to spend some social time with them and a couple of guys who we haven’t seen for some time joined us.

Unlike most crew we were lucky to have a decent amount of work in for January and February. Worked on a TV production and had several large conference and winter graduation events. After the company, who were in charge of Brighton marathon, went under (owing me and many others a significant sum) I didn’t think I would be involved with this event again. London marathon took over the running of it this year, so I did get a call quite late in the day and ended up sorting out a couple of teams of crew for the baggage moves.

So, we’re into May, with the usual rush of events for Brighton! We’re all trying to keep up and manage our time and not get too tired. Managed to find a few good new crew to join our team. Bookings in till late in the year and lots on my desk to keep me busy…