We work with many clients on a diverse range of projects and live events.

We are equally happy to help out anywhere where a ‘sensible head’ and experienced pair of hands is needed (for example installing thousands of LEDs into star cloths!)

Brighton Pride

We’ve worked at Pride for many years, directly for Brighton Pride and also with other clients involved in this fantastic event. Every year Pride gets bigger and better and we are very pleased to continue to be a part of this huge local event.

LightBlue, Aperol Spritz Event, Jubilee Square

Crew helped with all aspects of the installation of this drinks promotional event in central Brighton. Temporary bars were also placed in several town centre pubs. We also supplied SIA licensed security cover during opening hours and overnight for the three days the event was in Brighton.

Howard Eaton Lighting

Crew assisted the amazing lighting gurus at Howard Eaton for several weeks with the construction of the stunning rings for the London 2012 opening ceremony. We were also proud to be involved in their work for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. We continue to work with them on their ongoing great variety of projects.

Glorious Goodwood

We are often asked to supply crew at very short notice. Told we would be helping out the florists, we expected to be moving large planters of floral displays around the Goodwood site. Our crew (and many others) were presented with 36,000 red carnations that needed trimming ready to be placed in the flower wall for the Qatar Tourist Board. Not what we usually do but the crew are always flexible!

Amex Stadium

We are now working with more clients than ever at the Amex Stadium, mainly on corporate events, in the function rooms. We have also worked on other bigger events in the stadium itself. As Brighton and Hove Albion have been promoted to the Premiership League, we expect this venue to become a lot busier.

Miraculous Engineering

We’re very proud that Simon York trusts SEC hands to load, unload and sometimes help build his fantastic set for major productions (the most recent being for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof in the West End). Not only is he a master at what he does he’s also a thoroughly nice chap.

Wild Life Festival, Brighton City Airport

We’ve worked at Wild Life since the festival started in 2015. The first year we were sub-contracted by a large crewing company to support their team. In the last two years, as the promoters have brought in more suppliers, we have been working there in our own right, supplying site crew, telehandler drivers and site runners. We’ve also supplied crew for other companies there, including teams to help build and de rig the stages.

Corporate Events

We work with many production companies and production managers on a variety of corporate events, big and small. AVT Connect have been a client of ours for several years and we have worked with them on dozens of corporate events in and out of Brighton. They are a good team, a pleasure to deal with and the crew really like working with them.


Although we have worked mainly in corporate events, the last couple of years have seen us in demand for outdoor festivals. We work regularly with a staging company so have been at many large music festivals helping them out. Working, also, at smaller festivals, the crew have been able to build stages, load production in and out and help with general site preparation.

SEC were called to help rig and derig the Roundabout Theatre at several venues including this one at Margate.